2018-08-BlueSpash Start

I purchased a partially completed (very partially) BlueSpash kit with some components from a member of the NVMYC .  The Kit came from ERC and Brighton Boat Works.

The way I am building this is probably NOT the right way and probably going to be a bit on the heavy side.  But it is my First Built RG65.

The balsa sheer plank that was installed was broken and split and was coming off the hull.  I carefully removed the plank and re did the sheer plank using spruce and West Epoxy systems with some red phenolic.

I then created a scaled drawing to determine where I could put the cross members in, taking care to leave room for the mast(s).  The cross members are notched into the sheer plank.   I also glued the transom in using a basswood sheet (sealed with west epoxy clear) but glued into the fiber glass hull with Epoxy and a white silica thickener.   Note: I will not be using the fiberglass deck provided in the kit.  I will simply make a flat deck’d RG 65.   I am thinking about using Styrene for the deck top instead of the .0625″ plywood I have on hand.

I have never used Styrene before (except when building plastic models 40 + years ago..)


I also re-glued the keel box assy and re-enforced the ends with 1.4mil fiberglass.  It is no longer coming apart.  The first mast step is the main mast using a standard rig.  The second mast step (I think) is for a swing rig.

Next, I needed a scale drawing to determing how much to take off the keel box to mount it in the hull.  I then trimmed the keel box to the curve.

I needed a way to make sure the keel and keel box are straight.  I found an article from Model Yachting Issue 184 where Eric Rossenberg designed a keel alignment tool.  I made it.

Then I drilled and tapped a 4-40 threaded rod into the top of the keel.  I had to make a fixture for my drill press.  Tedious but it worked great.  Glued Rod into the keel with West Epoxy.

Thats it for now. on the RG65 BlueSplash for now.


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