Saturday 2018-08-25

Saturday. During the past week I clear coated the frames with clear West Systems epoxy.

After some chores at home I test fit frames 5&6 on the strong back.  They were very tight and fit well in the slots and on the strong back.  I then fit all the rest of the clear coated frames and decided to check the alignment with a laser level.  Everything was perfect with slight adjustments for squareness to the frames. I plan to use Sitka spruce for all the stringers, planks and keelson with 1/16, 3/32 ply for the side planking.  Taking it slow and easy.

The clubs around me do not sail stars.  So I am also working on building an RG 65 blue splash from a partially built fiberglass kit from one of the club members in NVMYC ( northern va).  I hope to bring my Star back and forth to Connecticut to sail. I have relatives in old Saybrook.  Anyway. Pics follow.

Test fitting frames 5/6

Test fit frames

Place frames

Setting up Laser Level

Laser shows frames are aligned!

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