I have been busy in the past several weeks.

I placed the rest of the frames in the jig and started to glue in the Keelson  and first side stringers.  Everything is glued with West Epoxy with red-phenolic thickener.  The insides of the stringers and frames are clear coated with epoxy as well.  The rubber band schema works great!

Next, the Chine Logs were placed.  All wood used is spruce.  The Chine logs are .25x.25 48″ long.

Next, the half frames and sheer rails are installed.  There are two pieces of the sheer rail system, one on top of the other.

There is some force needed to get the planks right.  After the c-clamp was used, I went out and bought some decent rail clamps at Lowes.

I then faired the hull using a very sharp small plane.  The chine logs took the longest time being very careful to make sure the sharp edges of the chine are kept while matching the frames.  I then placed one side of the hull skin on (.0625″ ply).   The other side will go on this weekend and I may be able to start planking the bottom of the hull which will take another week or so.

After that then I need to fair, sand and fill then cover with 1.4g fiberglass to seal the hull.

More pictures later!


Saturday 2018-08-25

Saturday. During the past week I clear coated the frames with clear West Systems epoxy.

After some chores at home I test fit frames 5&6 on the strong back.  They were very tight and fit well in the slots and on the strong back.  I then fit all the rest of the clear coated frames and decided to check the alignment with a laser level.  Everything was perfect with slight adjustments for squareness to the frames. I plan to use Sitka spruce for all the stringers, planks and keelson with 1/16, 3/32 ply for the side planking.  Taking it slow and easy.

The clubs around me do not sail stars.  So I am also working on building an RG 65 blue splash from a partially built fiberglass kit from one of the club members in NVMYC ( northern va).  I hope to bring my Star back and forth to Connecticut to sail. I have relatives in old Saybrook.  Anyway. Pics follow.

Test fitting frames 5/6

Test fit frames

Place frames

Setting up Laser Level

Laser shows frames are aligned!